The History of Haidian Driving School

Beijing Haidian Driving School, known as Haidian Driving School or Haijia for short, is created in 1985, which is the earliest driving schoool in China. Haijia lies about 10 kilometers northwest of the Summer Palace and is at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain. Haijia is a state-owned large-scale enterprise of Haidian District of Beijing, covering an area of more than 3,000 mu. Haijia is the leading enterprise of civil motor vehicle driver training industry. Beijing Jinghai Moto Vehicle Driver Test Center and Beijing Haijia Automobile Club are subordinate companies of Haijia. Car drivers, motorcycle drivers and rally drivers are trained by Haijia. The history of Haiia is also the history of Beijing motor vehicle driver training industry.

Free shuttlebuses of Haijia around Beijing Learner-driven vehicles of Haijia Playing ground of Haijia

The Present Situation of Haidian Driving School

After more than 20 years development, Haijia now owns about 1000 learner-driven vehicles, including Elysee cars, Santana cars, Fukang cars, BYD cars, two-wheeled motor vehicles and three-wheeled motor vehicles. Jinghai Teaching Building of Haijia is the biggest traffic law teaching building in Beijing with most advanced electrified education equipments and test equipments. Training grounds for all the test subjects, computer monitoring system for pole testand road test, special test vehicles, all these made Haijia a trustworthy driving school. After registration, a student will finish the whole training procedure inside Haijia, which is standard, smooth and high-quality. To provide students with conveniences, Haijia is equipped with dozens of luxury shuttlebuses and the shuttlebus lines cover the downtown and nearby suburb of Beijing. Haijia has participated in writing of Beijing vehicle driver training program and training materials for manny times, and takes responsibility for training, tests and procedures for nearly 10 other driving schools in Haidian District.

Appointment hall of Haijia Procedure hall of Haijia Conference hall of Haijia

The Honor of Haidian Driving School

Quality first, credibility first and service first is the operating principle of Haijia. Benefited from many years teching experience, the percent of pass for pole test and road test of Haijia has ranked top for years. Haijia passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system first in August 2001 which marks a new achievement of Haijia's internal management. In 2004 Haijia was rated Star Driving School by Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, and was rated Capital Greening and Beautifying Garden-style Unit and Capital Civilization Unit by Beijing City Government. Haijia always focus on the student's needs and live up to its social responsibility. In 1995 Beijing Haijia Automobile Club was founded and then became a member of FASC, free and charged driving accompany service and racer traing started at the same time, as well as Haijia's racing team. In 2002 Haijia built a playing field for the super short track up to the international standards and then undertook the China Rally Championship and the Confederation Cup from 2002 to 2004 and got impressive results. Haijia attended the China Circuit Championship from 2005 and continued to contribute to national motor sports development.

The Registration Center of Haidian Driving School

Haijia Zhongguancun Registration Center was set up in August 2009, to serve students from nearby colleges, research institutes and companies. Haijia Zhongguancun Registration Center is located at No. 88, South Zhongguancun Road, Hdian District (opposites to Zhongguancun Hospital). You can take Beijing Subway Line 4 to Zhongguancun Station and get out the C2 exit. You can also take buses to Zhongguancun South Station with the bus lines including 302, 307, local 320, 355, 365, 466, 601, 697, 699, 718, 731, local 731, special 4, special 6, express 105, express 106 and express 205. A pick-up point of the Haijia shuttlebus line started from the Workers Daily is located outside Haijia Zhongguancun Registration Center. Haijia Zhongguancun Registration Center is open from 8 am to 18 pm from Monday to Sunday, its office phone number is 010-62567057. Satisfication in Haijia, Haidian Driving School always welcome your arrival.